PiPi monitors baby‘s diaper and alerts you automatically if baby peed.

PIPI is your best parenting tool

Reduce Diaper Rash Occurrence

Reduce the incidence of diaper rash by monitoring the humidity of the diaper.

Compact & light

ViseeO's PiPi is super compact & light (only 12.5g) and super slim (Only 7.5mm thick). 

Make Better Diaper Usage​

ViseeO’s PiPi app can also help you to make better decision on diaper usage by detect up to 3 pees of an unchanged diaper.

Safe for Baby

*The LFGB is the German Food & Commodities Good Law which provides a framework of mandatory requirements that control commodities, coming into contact with food.

It uses soft & LFGB grade silicone material* to make the strap holder which holds PiPi sensor together with the special type of Velcro that enables PiPi to be easily & firmly attached to the surface of diaper without the need to contact with baby's sensitive skin at all.

It is designed to allow up to six PiPi devices to be monitored simultaneously on each phone and allows multiple phones to connect to the same PiPi device. Communicate via the latest Bluetooth low energy 4.X.

Multi-Devices & BLE

Manage DIAPER work intelligently!

Instant Pee Alert

Detect baby pee on the diaper and alert parents instantly via the App.

Pee Interval Calculation

Automatically calculate the average time taken between each pee.

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Download here!

* Compatibility: iPhone with iOS 11 or better/ Android Phone with Android 4.4 or better

Battery Life: 2 Months

Up to 10m connection range in open space.

Up to 10m connection range in open space.

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