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ViseeO's AT-1 STOP is the latest theft-prevention alarm device that is designed to help you watch over your valuable belongings and alert you if they have been touched or moved. Combing the latest sensor technology with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and dedicated mobile app AT-1 STOP send alert to your app if the things you care about have been moved when they shouldn’t be. You will receive immediate notification if you are within the connection range or complete historical chart and text log of the movement detected if you are away from the device for quite some time. Its super compact form means you can attach this tiny device to almost anything you want to protect, i.e. purse, luggage, antiques, safe, door, window, drawer… etc.  AT-1 comes in 4 types of color and you can your favorite one to attach it to your beloved objects.


Real-Time Alert

ViseeO AT-1 STOP connects to your iOS or Android mobile phone using BLE to give you instant alert if valuable items or doors, windows that AT-1 STOP attached to a moved or touched.

Last GPS Location

ViseeO's AT-1 STOP memorise the last GPS location when the item is set to steady status.

Built-in Buzzer

ViseeO AT-1 STOP has built-in buzzer that warns people not to touch or move your belongings. You can also use your APP to sound buzz for finding the device.

Super Compact & Light

ViseeO AT-1 STOP is extremely small and tiny. It can be attached to almost anything or placed in a drawer. It is powered with CR2016 coin battery and can last for a quite some time.

Offline Data Recording

ViseeO AT-1 STOP has internal memory that can record up to 45 days of movement data without uploading to your iOS or Android phone. As soon as your phone reconnects with AT-1 STOP, the dedicated app retrieves historical data from your AT-1 and displayed in detailed timeline that tells you when and how many times your valuable items have been touched or moved.

Multi-Devices & BLE

ViseeO AT-1 STOPi uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 4.X to communicate with STOP's free app which is designed to allow each phone monitoring up to 6 STOP devices at the same time.


Intuitive, simple, useful and informative app to work seamlessly with your iPhone or Android Phone & automatically alert you, remind you that if the valuable things that attached to the AT-1 STOP has been moved without your consent.



Attach AT-1 STOP to anything you like and start monitoring your precious things immediately. Be it a safety deposit box, antique vase, personal drawer, doors, windows, jewellery box, important documents, or even your favourite candy jar. Just let STOP shares your worry  and handle the monitoring jobs for you so you can have more quality time concentrate on the things you love to do or pay more attention to family and friends. 



  1. Monitor & detect baby pees

  2. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.X

  3. Up  to 10m connection range*

  4. Connect to multiple PiPi devices and track more then one baby

  5. Low power consumption. Charge once use for a long time.

  6. Lightweight and compact design, come with strap and Velcro designed to grab the surface of diaper firmly

  7. Free app to work with iOS or Android device

  8. Instant pee alert (mobile app feature)

  9. Pee interval calculation (mobile app feature)

  10. Number of pee/time chart (mobile app feature)

  11. Diaper usage/time information (mobile app feature)

  12. CE & FCC approved


Product Description: PiPi Wet Diaper Monitor for Baby

  1. Model No.: WD-1

  2. Bluetooth: BLE 4.X

  3. Sensor: Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  4. Sensor Operational Temperature Range: -10 ~ 60˚C (14˚F ~ 140˚F)

  5. Sensor Operational Relative Humidity Range: 0% ~100%

  6. Connection Range: 10 meter diameter range (in open space)

  7. Battery Info.: CR2016 (Changeable)

  8. Typical Battery Life: 2 Months


  1. iPhone with iOS 11 or better

  2. Android Phone with Android 4.4 or better


Height: 118mm (4.65 inches)

Widith: 38mm (1.50 inches)

Depth: 7.5mm (0.29 inch)

Weight: (0.44 oz)


  1. PiPi Device

  2. Silicon Strap Holder

  3. Battery Change Tool

  4. Instruction Guide

  5. Mobile App

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